The JWST pipeline provides science-ready calibrated data for all offered observing modes. Many pipeline steps rely on the use of a set of reference files essential to ensure the correct and accurate process of the data. The reference files are instrument-specific, and are periodically updated as the data process evolves and the understanding of the instruments improves. They are created, tested and validated by the JWST Instrument Teams. They ensure all the files are in the correct format and have all required header keywords. The files are then delivered to the Reference Data for Calibration and Tools (ReDCaT) Management Team. The result of this process is the files being ingested into CRDS (the JWST Calibration Reference Data System), and made available to the pipeline team and any other ground-subsystem that needs access to them.

Purpose and Scope of this document

This document is intended to be a core reference guide to the formats, naming convention and data quality flags used by the reference files for pipeline steps requiring them, and is not intended to be a detailed description of each of those pipeline steps. It also does not give details on pipeline steps that do not use reference files. The present manual is referred to by several other documentation pages, such as the JWST pipeline and JDocs.